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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: We Wish you a Kim G. Christmas

Here we are, halfway through this amazing season 3 of RHONJ.  It starts with Christmas at the Giudices, as they put up their christmas tree. Teresa claims she got the tree in semi-precious metal and not entirely gold since they are “cutting back.” Once again we all ask… “Who does this?” Come on, just get a normal tree with normal ornaments! Simple.

Melissa lets us know she is throwing a christmas party for Jesus and children. Um…for one, where are the kids? And 2…I don’t think Jesus would condone drinking,gambling,and chaotic drama! But, hey, this is the Jersey housewives we’re talking about! How could there not be any! I like that they are donating the money to charity for children at St. Josephs hospital. Not once have we heard Teresa do that for her lavish housewarming party or Gia’s bday back in season 2. But I guess that’s where the cookie crumbles..

Over at Jacqueline’s, it is Ashley’s birthday. Jac gives Ashley her a protection necklace from her physic. Good job, Jacqueline! Maybe that’ll create some sanity in Ashley’s delusions! Don’t get me wrong, I know Ashley is going to become a wonderful young woman, but as of now, this girl has got to figure out a couple of things. For one, she is blessed to have 2 families that love her. Love is infinite, so she should feel she has enough love to give around to all her family. She’ll soon realize that.

Jacqueline informs Ashley that her dad was going to surprise her and come to her birthday, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it. Upset Ashley calls her dad in a respectable voice to let them know she was going to dinner to celebrate. While at Ashley’s birthday dinner, she pretends to text her imaginary friends , while Jacqueline tries not to lose it when she asks her to stop texting while she’s giving her a speech. Ashley informs us viewers in an interview how money shouldn’t buy a relationship. She wants to become closer to Chris. Sure Ashley…somehow it’s hard to believe when you asked Chris to buy you an apartment to move closer to your job….

Moving on, “Fabulous Fred” the party planner, steps into Le Chateau Gorga Mansion, to plan the party. Fred puts it out there that if they wanted  “beautiful people who speak well” that would be on the expensive scale. Joey takes it all in. Finally he agrees. 50k for the Christmas Party. Can you believe there was Ice sculptures of Joey and Melissa…..uh…where’s Jesus’ sculpture? Exactly… Gambling,drinking,drama, and Jesus do not mix at all. Especially not in the same sentence.

We see Kathy decorating with her family as she goes on about how she will treat Teresa at the christmas party. She explains she will be cordial with a simple greet. We all saw how THAT turned out!

Finally it’s the day of the party and Melissa and Joe have a talk about what they would do without eachother, Melissa says she would “cut it right off.” As usual, it’s the Gorga’s awkward conversations.

Well, that’s um… well, it’s nice to know she takes her love for Joe so seriously. Melissa realizes her g-string is showing and she can’t have her thong visible through her wedding dress. Melissa’s sister, Lyssa advises her to just go without cause Jesus don’t care about underwear! Melissa doesn’t want her crotch hanging out, though! Especially since this party is for TV charity. Kathy looks really grossed out by Lyssa’s suggestion. Yeah – me too.


Back at the Giudice Mini Mansion, Teresa gets ready for the party. She claims Melissa stole her hair dresser Evelyn from her. Come on, that sounded childish. Just because she decides to get her hair done by Evelyn doesn’t mean she copied. In one of  Melissa’s blogs, she said a friend referred Evelyn to her.Joe Giudice doesn’t want to go at all, but he supports his wife. I commend Joe for that.

It’s the christmas party and everything turns out magnifico! I loved Melissa’s sequined dress in this episode. Everyone arrives on time except the Giudice’s. As usual Teresa is late, but it’s not her fault. It’s Joe’s. He takes all day to finally be ready to go. One thing that disturbed me was how he was so reluctant. It was because he would be in a room full of a people he owed money to….

Teresa arrives at the party and Kathy decides to finally make her move. Kathy’s dress was nice and I loved that hairdo. Kathy tries with a simple greet but Teresa pushes her away…AGAIN. To read more on this, go look at my previous blog post on Teresa vs. Kathy.

Drama begins anew when Melissa’s brother-in-law confronts Joe about the $1,000 he owes him. Joe is like “who me? Owe somebody money? Must be Gorga.” Joe actually handles it well when he advises the guy to call him about it later and walks away to find his wife who finds Melissa to warn her about her brother-in-law being such an a**-hole. Melissa is super pissed and goes to find her Brother-in-law to calm the situation down and tells him to let it go. Teresa is very, very, very proud of her Juicy for not punching Melissa’s BIL in the face.

Next it’s Kim G. and Monica Chacon on the party…..To read more on the Kim G and Monica drama, read my previous blog post on it.

Tell me- What do you think about Teresa “cutting back”? Was it right for Kathy to go up to Teresa? Should Kim G. have brought Monica there? And did the Gorga’s do the right thing by kicking Monica out?

Let me know by leaving your comments below!

Tune in this weekend! -housewivesofbravo


Family Tension

Here we are….Kathy and Teresa. No words for them….except…..P-E-T-T-Y. It’s the holidays…..come on Teresa. Over a couple of words Kathy said at the fashion show? Kathy’s intentions were good at the fashion show…she even was telling the truth. She did have your daughter Teresa! And when she said “unattended” Well…Audriana was. She wasn’t trying to insult you. She knows you’re a fantastic mother. Wait? Who am I talking to again? ……….

Moving right along. When Kathy came up to give a nice greet, Teresa was cordial and that was good. The place where Kathy messed up was when she said “Really, Teresa it is nice to see you.” I understand she wanted to fix things right there, but a nice greet is good enough. I think it was rude for Teresa to say “Oh now it’s nice to see me. It’s nice to see you too.” Being sarcastic isn’t flattering. So there was definite tension there.

I wish they could cut the crap, but of course with the people that Joe Giudice owes money to….no wonder he didn’t want to go to that Christmas party. Kathy felt bad again so she was pissed after that. What is up with the husbands? Like Joe Giudice will say “F*ck them.” And so does Rich. Well you got to love the husbands are supportive to their wives.

One thing that wasn’t good was Joe Giudice basically saying “You don’t need your family. You need your immediate family.” To me and I’m sure to all of you, that sounded like putting poison in Teresa’s head. Trying to convince not to make up. Teresa’s smart so she ignores that. But we do hear Melissa always telling Joey he needs his family and to fix it, but Joe Giudice has more of the “F*ck them, lets make more babies.” attitude!  haha


Again comment and vote on the poll

Who’s side are you on? Kathy or Teresa?

Was it right for Joe Giudice to tell Teresa to just give up?

Ps. When Rich Wakile said he’ll burn the place up or tear it up…I’m assuming he’ll ask Joe Gorga permission first?




Monica Chacon and Kim G. Vs. Gorga/Giudice

         Here we go, I will be putting up a recap tomorrow. This is just the issue of what happened. Monica Chacon….I wonder why in the world would she come knowing Teresa was there? What made her think they would all just make a little room? Kim G, is most definitely a famewhore. She should be on the post production bravo show called “The Real Famewhores Of New Jersey”Kim G would definitely be the lead star! Kim G, trying to get some camera time

Goes and brings Monica Chacon to the party to annoy Teresa.  Now, what Teresa did in court wasn’t very classy, but Monica should’ve known not to come. I did agree with Kim G  that Teresa shoudn’t always get what she wants when she doesn’t like a person. You may envy a person, but you have to learn not to erupt and always have some one to back you up all the time. You have to be cordial and not speak to person. Just act civilized. The only thing is……this isn’t just someone’s house. It’s the Gorga’s. And as being a brother to Teresa, it was right that Joe kicked Monica out.

What did you think about Monica coming to the party? Do you agree that what Kim G did was for tv?

Which side are you on? Monica Chacon and Kim G or the Gorga’s? Please remember to comment on who’s side you’re on. Also vote! Explain your vote in your comments!

How do you like this site?

Ps. I loved how Monica got kicked out. But if it were me….I wouldn’t tell her 15 times…..I’d yell “Get the hell outta my house!” (If she kept hesitating.)

The Feud

  Teresa, Joe, and Melissa have this on going feud that they all need to squash. It seems things are getting better from the previous episode of RHONJ , but apparently something went wrong. I will point out that these are just my opinions on this feud. We are all outsiders looking in on a troubled relationship between 2 siblings who used to be so close. I think the problem starts from 2 women who  are exactly alike. Opposites seem to attract. If you are just like another person, 9 times out of 10 you won’t get along. I think Teresa is the kind of chic who sticks up for her brother and loves to see if his girl is right for him. Whether she liked her or not, she should respect that her brother loves her. Of course things would change if they got married. Teresa may have chose her brother over her husband but Joe maybe would not. I think Teresa was around Melissa and Joe too much and always saying things that may not have seemed hurtful to her, but they were to Melissa. So  Melissa didn’t want to pick up Teresa’s phone calls because she didn’t feel like hearing something negative. Come on, we’ve all been there. When we are having a great day and sometimes you don’t feel like answering that phone to someone. Teresa felt neglected or rejected so she maybe developed a jealousy that she may not have knew she felt. Like I have said, this is just my opinion. Then things went from bad to worse. Darts were thrown and then they were in a bad place. Melissa claims one time she got her daughter’s christmas card done by the same person Teresa got Gia’s done. Teresa called her and basically was mad that she got hers done like Gia’s. To me that seemed very petty. It seems Teresa has a ego and she sometimes may feel better than others. I could be wrong. But in her interviews she has been saying things like “I don’t mind sharing my friends with Melissa. I have PLENTY.” That’s not good. There were constant digs thrown. This makes me believe Teresa started it first. And as being basically almost ten years older than Melissa, Teresa should’ve been the one to be more mature and to squash that years ago. 

Only time will tell…..

Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice has been in the headlines quite a few times lately. As rumors have been swirling about whether or not she is getting a divorce,bankruptcy fraud, and Joe. 

Teresa has a lot on her hands right now, but she seems to also have some success. 

She’s been touring the country for book signings for her 2 books which made on the NY times best sellers “Skinny Italian”

and “Fabulicious” 

She’s also coming out with a cosmetics line called TG by Teresa Giudice.  She also plans to have a jewelry line named “Terese”

So Teresa is officially a working mom.She took to her twitter how she is working on a third book, so we’ll see that out next year. With all this fame, she admits in one of the Intouch magazines that she has anxiety about hubby Joe going to jail.

The court date was suppose to be in this month but has been moved to October 13. We will then know whether Joe will serve 10 years or not.

Do you all remember how in season 1, Teresa had all the money to spend and her life just seemed simply fabulous? Now it is filled with worry and fustration over family members like her brother Joe Gorga and wife Melissa.

I wish all the best for Teresa but some things will have to change.

Ps. I  decided to support Teresa, so I bought her book Fabulicious! I have to say the recipes ARE delicious.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey

As we have all seen, the Real Housewives Of New Jersey are anything but a normal reality show to watch. It has averaged over 2 million views on its premiere night! Absolutely Amazing.

Teresa Giudice: I like Teresa, but this thing with her family is just ridiculous. “Tit-for-tat”

Caroline Manzo: Caroline is a protective mommy she came off as a huge alpha dog in season 1, but later has become more soft and we see a different side. 

Jacqueline Laurita: As usual, she is the advice giver and peace maker. Jacqueline is personally my fave housewife.

Melissa Gorga: This is the newcomer in RHONJ series but is definitely the sassy newer generation of the bunch. I like her!

Kathy Wakile: She also is new to the show, not much to say about her. She seems nice.

Fellow Housewives:

Danielle Staub- She’s had a sex tapes out,rumors, scandals, and just all sorts! She now is currently on the vh1 show Famous Food.

Dina Manzo: Claudine Manzo is still working with her Project Lady bug and you can find her in New Jersey!

My Blog

Hello readers! Welcome to my new blog all about the housewives. While, I can’t guarantee I will talk about every one of them, I do ask  you express your opinions in comments about the blog. These are based on opinions and real facts straight out of trusting sources.

These are the housewives I will keep a close eye on RHONJ,RHONY,RHOA,and RHOBH.


Tell everyone about this exciting new blog. I promise to bring the full entertainment, flavor,and otherwise REAL HOUSEWIVES INTERVIEWS! 


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!